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Thanks to [profile] actionjbone, [personal profile] evcelt and Ken L. for donating money to Olivia's care. It is highly appreciated!

However, despite their generousity we still haven't covered Olivia's initial vet bills, let alone raised any money to get her future care.

You should realize, my dear LJ-ers, that I do feel like a huge mooch asking for donations to care for Liv. I feel like I took her in and she should be my responsibility. As someone pointed out to me this weekend "you shouldn't have taken her in if you couldn't afford her." I have taken in over a dozen foster kittens at this point, and fed them and paid their vet bills all on my own. It has never been an issue. Olivia wouldn't be, except for the fact that she requires special care because of her stray status. We don't know if she is spayed or not, she needs some minor dental work. She needs a heartworm test, and a fecal test for parasites. This is to make sure her FIV doesn't become a problem, and she remains in good health. There was no way for me to know she had FIV when I took her in. She is a happy, healthy, friendly, sweet feline. I assumed that, like the kittens, it would be easy to find her a new home, and then she'd be "someone else's problem" (to put it crassly, I don't feel like she is a problem at all).

However, she IS FIV positive, and thus it will be a little harder to find her a home. This means that I have to take care of her vet work. For those who are not in the know, the stuff she requires should be around $1000.

I know you, my friends, are extremely generous, thus I look to you for help. $5, $10, a gift card to Petco for food, it all helps out a little. A little turns in to a lot. A lot means Olivia gets all of the care she needs to remain healthy, happy and sweet.

And for those who haven't seen a picture yet:

Who can say no to those pretty blue eyes? :D


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