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I often can't think of what to say about myself, so instead, I will post this little essay from [info]unseelie_shadow which, I think, sums it up well.

"Jayna is like a head-on collision. That much, you should be told up front. It still won’t prepare you, anymore than your fifth grade teacher prepared you for the reality of the moment you’d first be offered drugs. Hearing about it and living it are entirely different things. It may help to realize this is not written by Jayna, but by her accidental girlfriend. We didn’t precisely mean for this to happen. Much as that fifth grade teacher would tell you, alcohol impairs your judgement. We didn’t wake up with a wrecked car, but dating. I’m sure that my fifth grade teacher would say a lot about that.

The second thing that you should know about Jayna is that she takes things in stride - she took waking up to find out she was dating a girl she’d met twice gracefully. In fact, though she knew that this should end, she kept trying not to ruin my day. ‘Next time,’ she would decide. ‘She seems happy now.’ She was also gracious enough not to be the one who brought that up - I found out after I made the same confession. By then, we had both decided not to give it up, and there was some giggling. The third thing you should know that she is willing to put a near stranger’s feelings ahead of her own.

I’ve known her a relatively short time (not quite a year), and as you must have guessed, we’ve been dating for nearly all of it, so my opinions could be considered quite biased. I am not going to write a bunch of fluff, her astrological sign is not important, nor is the fact that she has a cat (and she does - a fluffy white cat I have yet to meet), nor is…well…practically anything I could write here. Instead I will stand by my first statement.

Jayna is like a head-on collision. If you actually reach out to touch her, she will change your life forever. I can’t tell you how. I can’t promise you’ll like it. But I can tell you it will happen.

Oh - her favorite color is pink. And that is important."
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