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So, as many (probably all) of you should know, I am a HUGE supporter of all things Autism Awareness.

November 1st has been declared as the Day of Silence for Autism. A day when you are supposed to be quiet, in hopes that you might understand autistic individuals better.

Eff that.

If you want to understand what it MIGHT be like to be autistic, try communicating with the folks around you. Fail at it. Autistic people are not mute.

If you really want to help Jamie McMurray, a NASCAR car race dude, who has an autistic niece, is doubling all donations to Autism Speaks. Go and donate. All proceeds go to autism education. The trick is figuring out WHY they CAN'T communicate, and developing teaching methods to assist them with communication.

Staying silent doesn't help.
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Go to iTunes - download 'Everyone's talkin' 'bout Sully' by Stephen Colbert, Steve Carell and Jon Stewart.

Thursday night (I know, I should've posted sooner but I DVRed it instead of watching live), Comedy Central did a special entitled "Night of Too Many Stars" and it was. Some of the funniest people in comedy came out to raise money for autism awareness.

As a part of the show, they did the aforementioned song. It is available for download on iTunes, and you should download it because proceeds go to Autism Education. Fixing the problem NOW as opposed to later.

Thanks <3


Oct. 4th, 2010 09:06 pm
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Thanks to [profile] actionjbone, [personal profile] evcelt and Ken L. for donating money to Olivia's care. It is highly appreciated!

However, despite their generousity we still haven't covered Olivia's initial vet bills, let alone raised any money to get her future care.

You should realize, my dear LJ-ers, that I do feel like a huge mooch asking for donations to care for Liv. I feel like I took her in and she should be my responsibility. As someone pointed out to me this weekend "you shouldn't have taken her in if you couldn't afford her." I have taken in over a dozen foster kittens at this point, and fed them and paid their vet bills all on my own. It has never been an issue. Olivia wouldn't be, except for the fact that she requires special care because of her stray status. We don't know if she is spayed or not, she needs some minor dental work. She needs a heartworm test, and a fecal test for parasites. This is to make sure her FIV doesn't become a problem, and she remains in good health. There was no way for me to know she had FIV when I took her in. She is a happy, healthy, friendly, sweet feline. I assumed that, like the kittens, it would be easy to find her a new home, and then she'd be "someone else's problem" (to put it crassly, I don't feel like she is a problem at all).

However, she IS FIV positive, and thus it will be a little harder to find her a home. This means that I have to take care of her vet work. For those who are not in the know, the stuff she requires should be around $1000.

I know you, my friends, are extremely generous, thus I look to you for help. $5, $10, a gift card to Petco for food, it all helps out a little. A little turns in to a lot. A lot means Olivia gets all of the care she needs to remain healthy, happy and sweet.

And for those who haven't seen a picture yet:

Who can say no to those pretty blue eyes? :D
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Olivia is doing very well, hanging out in my spare room. She charms everyone who meets her, which is not surprising, because she's a charming girl. You should really come meet her!

Despite everything going well, I need to ask for help, as much as it pains me to do so.

We have had NO offers to adopt Olivia. She needs to go to the veternarian and get routine shots, a test to see if she is spayed or not(and if she is not, she will need to be), heartworm preventative and some mild dental work done. All of this is VERY expensive, and for a cat we did not plan on having. I am not going to put the cat out on the street, or bring her to a shelter, where she will most likely be put to sleep because of an 'unadoptable' status because of her FIV+ status.

So, I turn to you, lj/facebook friends. If you could donate some money toward Olivia's care, it would be greatly appreciated and would make my life a lot less stressful.

I've set up a paypal account (oliviasfund at gmail dot com) dedicated solely to taking care of Olivia and her needs. Any money that is not used directly toward Olivia's care, will travel with her when she is adopted, or in the event of her passing, will be donated to the Montgomery County Humane Society. I don't want anyone to think that I am going to use the money to go on vacation or anything :)

So yeah, donate! Help Livvy get all the medicine and crap she needs to become a happy, healthy cat who will live a long happy life! Also, if you or someone you know is looking for a wonderful kitty, please let me know!
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Hey all -

Once again, I have DreamWidth invite codes. Poke me if you want one!


Aug. 13th, 2010 02:12 pm
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So, we spoke to management. They were very nice and accomodating and said we could move in to a new apartment this weekend! We are currently deciding if we want to move to a different floor plan, or stick with what we've got. We looked at a couple of new floor plans.

What this means? OMG WE NEED HALP MOVING!!!

I am also supposed to go get kidlings tomorrow morning, in New Jersey. This will knock me out of commission for several hours. It would be swell to have a habitable bedroom for the kidlings tomorrow night. If YOU, yes YOU, could come help out, there may be pizza, beer, blow jobs, and monkeys involved.

The move will be short, in the same complex area. If you can help out please let me or [profile] sophistbastard know. And really, post here. People are more likely to want to come out and help if they think they aren't the only one :)
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[profile] sophistbastard and my apartment flooded. We are currently staying in a hotel. We might be moving to our managment's "guest house" later today. If not, we'll be here until Tuesday.

Now a call for advice...

This is NOT the first time this has happened. Twice before, two weeks ago, we had the same issue. Maintenance brought in wet-dry vacs and fans and replaced padding. They determined it was caused by some conflict between drainage spouts and landscaping. They said they were going to call the landscaping company and have them come fix it. Fast forward two weeks... our apartment flooded VERY BADLY. Like my living room, from the front door to the kitchen, and my whole master bedroom. For those of you who haven't seen my bedroom (really, there are people who haven't?!), it's a mess. Understatement. We don't have adequate storage for our clothes, and we're general slobs about the bedroom area anyway. This means I have a TON of soaked stuff, and a lot of laundry to do. I've also missed two days of work now.

The solution management has come up with, is to relocate us to a hotel or the guest suite until Tuesday. They plan on ripping out all of our carpet and replacing it with new stuff, and the landscapers think they have a solution to the flooding problem.

I think the appropriate course of action is to request an apartment transfer to a different apartment in our complex. Management isn't being total asshats so I feel like moving out of the complex all together is harsh, but I don't think it's completely insane to say that I want to move.

Eric disagrees. He thinks that management is doing everything they can, and I'm over reacting.

What do you all think? Am I being crazy?


Aug. 4th, 2010 05:53 pm
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I am now a Montgomery County Board of Elections employee. Until November.See you all then.


Jul. 20th, 2010 09:11 pm
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Just bought my return ticket to DC!!!


Will be back east coasted and sans Texas on Thursday night! Probably unavailable until Monday though due to needing to spend time with [profile] sophistbastard!!

Lazy Lazy

Jul. 20th, 2010 01:41 pm
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Hi all -

I've decided to can LJ and get a new username over at DW (to be fair, I was just going to do a LJ rename but I don't have the extra money to give LJ $15 for a new name). This doesn't affect you much, but if you want me to read your journal (and YES, I do want to read your journal!!) you have to add this account, and I will add you back.

Going through and adding each journal individually is annoying and kind of depressing. If you read me, and want to continue reading me, add me!

<3 (Updates from Texas later today!)

EDIT: To make it easier:

go to:

Click friend :)


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